Jake’s Littles: Family-Friendly Workspace and Volunteer Opportunities

Our commitment to helping families around the world correlates with our family-friendly environment at our Hope Factory in Little Chute and organization in general.

As Jake’s Diapers grows, we’ve been happy to add team members and volunteers that support our cause while raising their own littles — and exposing those tiny minds to our charitable work.

Here’s just some of the fun we’ve had this summer with the kids out of school and in need of … something to do!

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Remember! This family-friendly environment extends beyond our team members. We welcome volunteer groups with kids to make it easier for parents to help out and kids to get involved at their level, too. Jake’s Diapers has a great space for kids when they are ready for play, and there’s always plenty of work to be done as we focus on our mission to revolutionize global health.

About the Hope Factory: Jake’s Diapers is blessed to continue to grow as an organization. In 2018, we outgrew our multiple office spaces in downtown Kaukauna and moved into our warehouse space in Little Chute that we lovingly call the Hope Factory. We regularly feature the work we do inside our warehouse walls to keep our nonprofit operational. We also welcome volunteers in groups large or small, as well as donations to help us continue these efforts. Interested in more info? Contact Katie at [email protected]