This is Real: First-Hand Experience Paints Clearer Picture of Poverty

We hear stories of tragedy, struggle, and loss. It may impact us for a moment but we’re able to cuddle back into our cozy lives and carry on with every day.

And while these stories can compel us to make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering, there’s no stronger way to understand the need, than to see it first hand.

Nicki Maynard, Owner/CEO of Nicki’s Diapers, one of Jake’s Diapers most valued business partners, traveled along with Jake’s to visit Real Hope for Haiti, one of our Diaper Drop partners. She said while the country and people are beautiful, she was also moved by the difficult despair.

“I knew there was need. But seeing that need, holding that need, loving that need has made (the work we do) even more meaningful,” said Nicki Maynard, Owner/CEO of Nicki’s Diapers. “I plan to go back and bring each of my children when they are teens. I feel like this experience can help shape their lives as they are making decisions about their futures. It will give them a better view of what matters and what is important.”

The group stayed at Real Hope for Haiti’s malnutrition clinic, an experience Nicki said was truly life-changing.

“I feel in love with the babies and children! I continue to think about them daily,” she said. “In a world full of wealth, how can we let the youngest and most vulnerable suffer unnecessarily?  Haitians are some of the most resilient people I have ever met and they are inspiring!”

Nicki expressed gratitude for the people behind Real Hope for Haiti and the difference they are making in the lives of those they serve.

“Real Hope for Haiti is a selfless organization that does more good than anyone realizes,” she said. “It was a joy to watch this kind of love in action and helped restore my faith in humankind.”

Make your impact today! A donation of $18 solves diaper need for one baby for one month at clinics like Real Hope for Haiti.