Little by Little: Myolaika’s Recovery

100% diaper coverage. This is a term that never crossed my mind with my own children. What does it mean? It means having enough diapers to have a baby wear a diaper 100% of the time. It’s related to diaper need, which is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy.

One of our goals is to provide 100% diaper coverage for the babies we serve, like Myolaika and the other 75ish children of diapering age at the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti. Myolaika was first admitted to the Rescue Center in November, weighing just 15.5 lbs at 21 months of age. She was referred to Real Hope for Haiti from Children’s Health Ministries, another one of our Haiti Ministry Partners. I’m pleased to share with you she is doing well, and is still not a fan of pictures (note the lack of smile!) She’s on the Medika Mamba program, which is a specialized peanut butter nutrition treatment for malnutrition.

The Tiny Blue Diapers still fit her, but not for long! The Tiny Blue Diapers are part one of our color coded experiment, and we are pleased to report not only are they exceeding expectations (dry fast, contain diarrhea better than any other diaper), but that project is fully funded! Which means we are now moving on to phase II of:

The Color-Coded Experiment

Project Tiny Blue Diapers: 500 Tiny Blue Diapers, for the tiniest (<10 lbs) babies: FULLY FUNDED!!!! 
Project Little Green Diapers: 250 Little Green Diapers for the little babies (10-20 lbs)
Project Not-So-Little Yellow Diapers: 250 Not-So-Little Yellow Diapers for the not-so-little babies (20 lbs and up!)
Yes, our next goal is to fully fund the Little Green & Not-So-Little Yellow Diapers. When this project is fully funded, the Rescue Center will have 100% diaper coverage! Here’s where it gets even MORE EXCITING…
We have an amazing opportunity coming up on April 3-7th, with GlobalGiving’s Little by Little Matching Campaign. This campaign focuses on the power of change, little by little.  All donations will be matched up to $50, and the organization with the most funds raised wins amazing bonus prizes! To fully fund this, we need to raise $8,975. Each diaper is $17.95 (remember, modern cloth. Each diaper is used at least 4-500 times). We’re sticking with the same brand (Imagine) and style (All-In-One), just in bigger sizes and different colors.
Together, we can solve diaper need, just by adding up little amounts of change. Please prayerfully consider supporting this campaign, and join our Fluff 500: Litttle by Little Event  for reminders! Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected], I’d love to hear from you.
With gratitude,
Stephanie Bowers
Co-Founder & Executive Director 
Jake’s Diapers, Inc. 
[email protected]
“A nonprofit diaper ministry, providing the basic need of diapers to babies, children, and adults in extreme poverty, whose caregivers have to choose between food & diapers.”

Tiny Blue Diapers at the Rescue Center